AND Phone In/Out 4 is end-of-sales.

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End-of-Sale: AND Phone In/Out 4

AND Phone In/Out 4 is end-of-sales.

ANDTEK announces the end-of-sale for the AND Phone In/Out 4 software. The last day to order AND Phone In/Out is October 31, 2012. Customers with active software update service and service contracts will continue to receive support from the ANDTEK Support Center (ASC) for installations of AND Phone In/Out.

End-of-Sale AnnouncementJuly 1, 2012
End-of-Sale DateOctober 31, 2012
Last Ship DateDecember 31, 2012
End of new service attachment dateMarch 31, 2013
End of software contract renewalJune 30, 2013
End of SW maintenanceDecember 31, 2013
End of supportDecember 31, 2015

Affected products

Product Part NumberProduct NameNEW Product Part Number
AND-INOUT-4AND Phone In/Out-

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