Overview AND Phone Modules

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Overview AND Phone Modules

This overview shows some modules available on the AND Phone Application server. Depending o...

AND Phone

Unified Communications Applications

The AND Phone Application Server (APAS) provides enhanced services for IP-based communication environments and enables you to use and deliver robust and scalable services.

Some benefits include:
  • Use proven features from traditional PBXs
  • One platform for multiple services
  • Enhanced productivity and ease of use
  • Scalable platform for advanced services
  • Purely designed for IP PBXs, like CallManager
  • Freedom of choice: Appliance, Linux or Windows Server

Framework for Unified Communications Applications and Services

AND Phone is the common foundation to realize extensions for an IP PBX, like the Cisco Unified CallManager. The common foundation consists of all components to develop secure applications and services and a fast and reliable way.
AND Phone uses a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach. An SOA is an application architecture that is designed to map directly to business requirements and is key to achieving the agility required. It enables us to develop business applications faster and helps users to realise the full potential of their environment. Our unified communications applications are broken down into smaller pieces that are easier to change and to adapt to customer needs.

Overview AND Phone Modules
AND Phone Remote Control

Overview AND Phone Modules

This overview shows some modules available on the AND Phone Application server. Depending on the needs of your environment the proper modules are chosen.
  • AND Phone Group
  • AND Phone Broadcast
  • AND Phone Lockout
  • AND Phone Recorder
  • AND Phone Settings
  • AND Phone Directory
  • AND Phone Blocklist
  • AND Phone CRM

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