Availability Service for Agents

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Availability Service for Agents

Agents can change their availability directly on the IP phone with the touch of a button. Temporaril...

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System

Phone-based automatic call distribution service (AND Phone Group ACD)

Automatic call distribution (ACD) systems are used to handle incoming calls and forward them to an agent who handles the request. Typically this type of service is used to deliver product support, handle information inquiries from customers or to setup a help desk.

Especially for smaller environments where only a couple of agents are required it is usually not cost-effective to build a Call Center environment or outsource the business process.

For such environments the ACD service of AND Phone Group ACD is a tailor-made solution which is easy to implement into existing communications networks.


Incoming calls to the main number (hunt group number) are automatically distributed to one of the agents. The call distribution algorithms available are:

  • First available / Not busy
  • Longest Idle

Additionally it is possible for agents to use the availability service to logoff temporarily from the hunt group with one button on the IP phone. In this case the call distribution algorithm automatically chooses the next available agent for incoming calls.

Call distribution of AND Phone Group ACD service for Call Centers

Automatic Call Distribution is part of AND Phone Group ACD and delivers you cost-efficient ACD services for small environments. Especially the phone-based nature of the services helps to establish the solution hassle-free.

Agent Services

Automatic Call Distribution service for Call Center environments on the IP phone with AND Phone Group ACDThe ACD service is completely phone-based and allows agents to see the status of the whole group in real-time on their IP phone. Supervisor phones, controlling the activity, can be integrated into the environment and can be used to monitor multiple groups at once.

Beside normal call handling services, agents are capable of:

  • Availability Service for Agents
  • Direct Call to other Agents
  • Call Forwarding to other Agents
  • Real-time status of other Agents
  • Pick Calls from other Agents

Availability Service for Agents

Agents can change their availability directly on the IP phone with the touch of a button. Temporarily setting the availability to offline can be used for the wrap-up time and automatically redistributes other calls to the next available agent.

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